2nd International & 11th National Veterinary Anatomy Congress 26 October 2019 / 29 October 2019
Acapulco Resort & Convention & SPA / CRYPUS
2nd International & 11th National Veterinary Anatomy Congress
26 October 2019 / 29 October 2019
Acapulco Resort & Convention & SPA / KIBRIS
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Dear Colleagues,
We announce with honor that the 11th of the National Congress of Veterinary Anatomy, which has taken place every two years for over a time period of twenty years, and the 2nd of International Congress of Veterinary Anatomy is going to take place with the organization of the Association of Veterinary Anatomy and  Ankara University  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Department of Anatomy between the dates 26 -29 October 2019 in Kyrenia, renowned for its historical heritage, warm climate and wonderful beaches.
We firmly believe that the attendance of  admirable academicians from various countries as well as our own will take scientific sharing to another level. It is clear that the outcomes of scientific sharing and solidarity will not be limited to scientific activities of the scientists but it will also contribute to mutual understanding and recognition in every aspect.
Oral and poster presentations in the Congress will enable us to share current works and methods in Veterinary Anatomy, and will pave the way to future projects. Each scientific event brings the family of Veterinary Anatomy closer and our family expands and strengthens by the day.
The family of Anatomy has proved its openness to innovation and cooperation through its interest and enthusiasm in previous scientific events. It is our hope that you esteemed scientist react with the same interest and enthusiasm to the 2nd International and 11th National Congress of Veterinary Anatomy.
We will be honored and very much pleased to see you in our Congress, which will add to its value through your attendance.
We kindly expect your support in the announcement of our Congress within your institution, and express our deepest gratitudes.
The Anatomy Family has proven to be open to science and cooperation in the scientific field and has been shown with enthusiasm and interest in previous scientific activities.
The second International Veterinary Anatomy Congress and the 11th National Veterinary Anatomy Congress have the hope that you, our esteemed scientists, will show the same desire and excitement.
We will be honored and happy to see you in our congress which will gain value with your participation.
We expect your help and contributions to make the announcement of our congress within your organization and we offer our deepest respects.
Prof. Dr.İ.Önder ORHAN President, Association of Veterinary Anatomy

Prof.Dr.R.Merih HAZIROĞLU Ankara University, Department of Anatomy , Faculty of Veterinary Medicine